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Passive Income + Profitable Investments + Peace of mind

Domestic and International investors choose to partner with us because our investment & property management services provide all the rewards without the hassle of rehabbing or the frustration of managing your own properties. Each month we work with new clients to provide them with a winning path to owning income producing assets. The Sinclair 9.1 offers a 50/50 partnership program for first time and seasoned investors who invest with us in renovating properties for a profit and/or building a turnkey single family & multi family rental portfolio. 

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Our team handles every aspect of the transaction for our clients. 

Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen

Investment Property Renovation

We make sure that the property is renovated to the highest standard of quality resulting in the increase of value, an enjoyable tenant experience, and lower vacancy rates. 

Suburban Homes

Turnkey Rental Management

We are committed to reducing your anxiety level by providing exceptional property management to maintain your investment. Our team prioritizes the need to sustain a championship level of communication and assistance through every step of the process. 


Lending Services

Our subsidiary company, Sarter Capital LLC is an approved Finance Of America Commercial partner. We can assist in providing a range of loan products to our investor clients. 

Turnkey Rental Program Entry

$8,000.00 USD

Fix and Flip Program Entry

$10,000.00 USD


Invest with us.

Schedule a call with our Portfolio Advisor, Michael Lehmann








Michael Lehmann began his career at Deutsche Bank in 2012 and gained valuable experience in real estate performing sales of multiple residential and commercial properties. He also worked closely in loan processing for more than 3 years. Michael received his B.A in Business Administration at FOM in Munich, Germany.

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