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Buy&Develop (Land): 16.2 Acres, 171 M-99 South, Homer, MI 49252 + SOLD

Updated: Jan 20

Land Investment Opportunity



16.2 Acres

Introducing an exceptional opportunity to own a remarkable 16.2-acre parcel located at 171 M-99 South, Homer, MI 49252. This extraordinary off-market listing presents an ideal investment for those seeking to acquire land in the beautiful state of Michigan. With its prime location near a highway, this property offers an array of benefits that make it an enticing proposition.

Michigan, known as the "Great Lakes State," boasts a wealth of natural beauty and abundant opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. The state is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and rich history. Owning land in Michigan grants you the privilege of immersing yourself in its captivating scenery, from lush forests to scenic lakeshores, all within easy reach of this splendid 16.2-acre parcel.

One of the key advantages of this property is its proximity to a highway. Situated near or right on a highway, this land ensures convenient access and excellent connectivity. Here are some of the notable benefits of having land located near or on a highway:

  1. Strategic Location: The property's placement near a major thoroughfare provides strategic advantages for various purposes. Whether you envision establishing a commercial venture, developing a residential estate, or simply enjoying a private retreat, the easy accessibility provided by the highway will enhance your endeavors.

  2. Convenient Transportation: Being located near or on a highway offers unparalleled convenience in terms of transportation. Commuting to nearby cities, towns, or attractions becomes effortless, enabling you to save time and energy. Additionally, the proximity to a highway opens up opportunities for business owners, making it easier to transport goods and reach customers efficiently.

  3. Visibility and Exposure: Land located near or on a highway enjoys increased visibility, capturing the attention of passersby and potential visitors. This factor is particularly advantageous if you intend to utilize the property for commercial purposes. The constant flow of traffic ensures that your enterprise receives a high level of exposure, potentially leading to increased footfall and business success.

  4. Potential for Development: The accessibility provided by a nearby highway enhances the development potential of the land. Investors and developers can take advantage of this prime location to pursue a variety of projects, such as building a residential community, establishing a commercial complex, or developing a recreational facility. The opportunities are boundless, limited only by your imagination and vision.

Now is the perfect time to seize this off-market opportunity to acquire 16.2 acres of land in the heart of Michigan, situated near a highway that unlocks a multitude of possibilities. With a sale price of $120,000, this property offers an excellent investment prospect, whether you are seeking personal enjoyment, a business venture, or long-term growth potential.

Contact us today to explore this exclusive offering and embark on a journey towards owning a slice of Michigan's natural splendor, with the added advantages of a highway adjacent location. Don't miss out on this exceptional chance to turn your dreams into reality.

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All Off Market Properties are sold 'As-Is'. Buyer must do their due diligence. Sold on warranty deed. We are selling our assignable interest. You do NOT HAVE PERMISSION to market this property WITHOUT EXPRESSED WRITTEN CONSENT. Proof of Funds is required with all offers. Earnest Money Deposit due within 48 hours of accepted offer. Closings are done quickly and with a title company/closing attorney. *Realtors add your fee on top*

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