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International Hotel Portfolio (11 World-Class Trophy Assets) + UNAVAILABLE

Updated: Jan 20

Commercial Hotel Investment Opportunity

Acquisition Price:

$1.2 Billion USD (+ 1% Buyer Fee)

The Project Seneca Real Estate Portfolio is an exclusive off-market portfolio of 11 world-class properties located in high tourism cities across North America, Europe, and the Middle East. By aggregating these properties into a comprehensive and diversified portfolio, we have created a unique investment opportunity for an acquirer interested in gaining exposure to the global travel and hospitality industries. With the hotel industry poised to emerge from COVID-19, this portfolio of properties is forecast to structurally improve profitability while experiencing a multi-year tailwind of topline growth.

We are seeking $1.2 Billion for the whole acquisition of the Project Seneca Real Estate Portfolio. Upon receiving a letter of interest, full property financials will be released and the transaction can be executed in as little as 60 days. Our team can also help to recommend a transitional management team for a financial buyer.


Total Properties: 11

Property Locations:

UAE - Dubai

Spain - Barcelona, Madrid

Italy - Rome


USA Mexico - Cancun

Total Keys: 1,551

Return Potential:

Holding Period - 5-7 Years

Return Multiple: 2x - 3x

Internal Rate of Return: 18-25%

Exit Cap Rate: 3-7%

For more information please email:

"Invest Wisely"


Work: 313-307-6616

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