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Commercial - 13928 Woodward Avenue, Highland Park, MI 48203 USA - SOLD

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Retail/Commercial Building Investment Opportunity (Possible Redevelopment)

Acquisition Price


Commercial - Two Story Retail Storefront/Office

Zoning: B-4 General Business District

29,804 Square Feet

This is a Retail Commercial building with 12 storefronts and office space located on the corner of Woodward (one of the busiest corridors in Detroit) and Victor St in Highland Park. Strong commercial tenants throughout this area with close proximity to several strip malls within a mile radius. Property Improvements have been taking place south of the subject property consistently for the last five years. Neighborhood residences are also seeing appreciation in value. 

Subject is located along Woodward Avenue, which is the city’s main commercial

and business thoroughfare. Woodward is an eight-lane, major traffic artery, which

traverses north and south from the City limits to the Detroit River. The foundation for

Woodward Avenue was laid in the 1920’s when many key institutions were built or

planned such as the Ford Plant at Manchester and Woodward, the Detroit Institute of

Arts, the Detroit Public Library, Wayne State University and many of the buildings in the Central Business District. 

The upstairs can also be converted into Lofts for maximum rent potential with 12 storefronts located on the first level. There are currently 3 occupied retail storefronts located on the Victor Street side. Current tenants consist of (1) Barbershop, (2) Coney Island Restaurant, (3) Dress Shop. Collectively these shops are producing rents of $1,240/month. There is a seasonal tax office on the corner of the building which rents for $800/month during tax season. In need of renovation to reach maximum rental potential of $6,000/month. 


Proposed Renderings of Redevelopment:

13928 Woodward Building in 1920.

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