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Buy&Hold (Rentals): 22 Single Family Homes, St. Louis, MO 63137 - UNAVAILABLE

Updated: Jan 20

Single Family Investment Opportunity




Introducing an Exclusive Off-Market Opportunity:

A Lucrative Package of 22 Homes in North County, St. Louis, MO

We are delighted to present an exceptional investment opportunity—an off-market package of 22 single family homes located in the highly sought-after North County area of St. Louis, Missouri. Boasting a desirable location, stable tenant base, and significant potential for increased rental income, this turnkey package is a true gem for savvy real estate investors.

Key Features:

  1. Prime Location: Situated primarily in the desirable Glasgow Village, these homes benefit from the thriving North County community and all it has to offer. With convenient access to major transportation routes, schools, shopping centers, and recreational facilities, this location is ideal for attracting quality tenants.

  2. Section 8 Leases: Seven of the homes in this package are currently leased to Section 8 tenants, providing a reliable and consistent income stream. The stability and security offered by Section 8 leases make this package an appealing option for investors seeking consistent cash flow.

  3. Attractive Rental Income: With an average rent per door of $887 per month (including some sewer charge backs), this package offers a solid income potential. It's worth noting that the current rents are approximately $200 per month below the market average, presenting an excellent opportunity for rental rate optimization and increased profitability.

  4. Diverse Property Portfolio: The package includes three 2-bedroom homes and nineteen 3-bedroom homes, catering to a wide range of tenant preferences. This diversity allows for flexibility in rental pricing and attracts a broader tenant pool, ensuring a steady demand for these properties.

  5. Maintenance and Risk Mitigation: None of the properties in this package are on septic systems or located within a flood zone. This greatly reduces potential maintenance costs and eliminates the risks associated with these common property concerns, providing peace of mind to the investor.

  6. Stable Tenant Base: The long-term tenant history of these properties is impressive and indicative of their desirability. A significant number of tenants have remained in their homes for multiple years, with some leasing since 2012. This level of stability minimizes turnover costs and further enhances the reliability of rental income.

  7. Value-Driven Pricing: Priced attractively at $1,375,000 for the entire package, the average cost per home is only $62,500—a remarkable opportunity to acquire properties at a favorable price point, well below market value.

Additionally, two properties within the package are currently vacant, offering potential for immediate rental or value-add opportunities. These vacancies allow the investor to put their own mark on the portfolio and further optimize cash flow.

Don't miss out on this exclusive off-market opportunity to acquire a highly desirable package of 22 homes in North County, St. Louis, MO. With a stable tenant base, attractive rental income potential, and room for increased profitability, this package presents an ideal investment proposition. Act now to secure this exceptional deal and position yourself for long-term success in the lucrative real estate market of St. Louis. Contact us today for further details and to arrange a private showing.

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