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Buy&Hold (Turnkey): SFR Portfolio of 5 Properties in Bartlett, Cordova, Memphis, TN - UNAVAILABLE

Updated: Jan 20

Single Family Investment Opportunity

2354 Carroll Ridge Ln, Cordova, TN 38016

3075 Amber Rebecca Cove, Bartlett, TN 38133

3668 Whitehill Dr, Bartlett, TN 38135

3823 Shallowhill Dr, Bartlett, TN 38135

5069 Winberry Street, Bartlett, TN 38002

Portfolio Price


We are delighted to present you with an extraordinary off-market investment opportunity—a meticulously curated portfolio of 5 turnkey properties located in highly desirable areas of Bartlett, Cordova, and Memphis, TN. Each property is strategically situated, offering tremendous potential for value appreciation and consistent cash flow. With a combined After Repair Value (ARV) of $1,519,000, this portfolio represents an excellent opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio and achieve long-term success. These must be sold as an ENTIRE PACKAGE. Total Rental Income: $8795/month

Property Portfolio Details:

  1. 2354 Carroll Ridge Ln, Cordova, TN 38016

    • Square Footage: 3,090 sqft

    • Bedrooms: 3

    • Bathrooms: 2.5

    • Year Built: 1997

    • Vacant: Recently Rehabbed & Ready for Tenant

    • ARV: $335,000

  1. 3075 Amber Rebecca Cv, Memphis, TN 38133

    • Square Footage: 1,925 sqft

    • Bedrooms: 4

    • Bathrooms: 2

    • Year Built: 1994

    • Currently Rented: $1,640

    • ARV: $320,000

  1. 3668 Whitehill Dr, Memphis, TN 38135

    • Square Footage: 1,642 sqft

    • Bedrooms: 3

    • Bathrooms: 2

    • Year Built: 1987

    • Currently Rented: $1,520

    • ARV: $270,000

  1. 3823 Shallowhill Dr, Memphis, TN 38135

    • Square Footage: 1,408 sqft

    • Bedrooms: 3

    • Bathrooms: 2

    • Year Built: 1984

    • Currently Rented: $1,695

    • ARV: $245,000

  1. 5069 Winberry St, Bartlett, TN 38002

    • Square Footage: 2,300 sqft

    • Bedrooms: 4

    • Bathrooms: 2

    • Year Built: 2000

    • Currently Rented: $1,895

    • ARV: $365,000

Each property in this portfolio has been meticulously maintained and boasts impressive features. From spacious layouts to desirable locations, these turnkey properties offer the potential for immediate rental income and long-term value appreciation. Whether you are an experienced investor or just entering the market, this collection provides a solid foundation for your real estate investment goals.

Please note that this is an exclusive off-market opportunity, and we urge interested investors to act swiftly. The demand for properties in these thriving areas is high, and this portfolio is poised to provide excellent returns on investment.

For additional information or to schedule a viewing, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Our team is here to guide you through the acquisition process and address any questions you may have.

Thank you for considering this exceptional off-market opportunity. We look forward to assisting you in securing a rewarding investment in Bartlett, Cordova, and Memphis, TN.

Please submit all offers directly to

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Work: 864-762-2509

All Off Market Properties are sold 'As-Is'. Buyer must do their due diligence. Sold on warranty deed. We are selling our assignable interest. You do NOT HAVE PERMISSION to market this property WITHOUT EXPRESSED WRITTEN CONSENT. Proof of Funds is required with all offers. Earnest Money Deposit due within 48 hours of accepted offer. Closings are done quickly and with a title company/closing attorney. *Realtors add your fee on top*

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