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Promise Land Realty is a full service real estate investment firm specializing in:

- Real Estate Sales

- Real Estate Acquisitions

- Real Estate Consulting

"We are most proud that we represent our culture authentically in a space where most conform to industry standards. Our drive to achieve our full potential in the pursuit of excellence while serving our clients is what sets us apart from others." 


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Trevor Sarter


Trevor, along with his brother, established Promise Land Realty (PLR) as a full-service real estate investing firm in 2015. Before forming PLR, Trevor worked as an agent with Boardwalk Realty Group (BRG), where he specialized in marketing and managing bank-owned properties in the State of Michigan.

During his time at BRG, Trevor was involved in over $1 million worth of asset sales, which indicates his success and experience in the real estate industry. He possesses extensive skills and knowledge in management, leasing, property acquisition, disposition (selling), and property valuation.

Trevor earned a B.A. degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia and is a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. As the Managing Partner of Promise Land Realty, he is responsible for overseeing the operational functions and property disposition (selling) within the company.

Trevor's background and expertise make him a valuable asset to Promise Land Realty, contributing to the firm's success in the real estate market

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Tyler Sarter


Prior to co-founding Promise Land Realty, Tyler amassed a distinguished career as a corporate marketing professional, leading and executing large-scale projects for prestigious entities such as the Pennsylvania Lottery and Jack Henry & Associates, along with other Fortune 500 companies. His extensive experience in managing marketing initiatives for these prominent organizations demonstrates his proficiency in navigating complex corporate landscapes.

Tyler's academic achievements further reinforce his expertise in the field. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications from Tennessee State University, where he honed his communication and media skills. Subsequently, he pursued an advanced education in Business Marketing, obtaining a Master's degree from Georgia State University, and further enriched his global perspective by studying abroad in Dubai.

As the Managing Partner at Promise Land Realty, Tyler plays a crucial role in the company's success. He takes charge of securing capital to facilitate the firm's growth and development, while also nurturing corporate partnerships to enhance the organization's reach and influence. Tyler's strong focus on investor relations ensures that clients and stakeholders receive exemplary service and support throughout their engagement with Promise Land Realty. Additionally, he spearheads the acquisition of new investment opportunities, leveraging his extensive corporate background and marketing acumen to identify and capitalize on strategic prospects for the company.

Tyler's remarkable blend of corporate experience, educational achievements, and keen business acumen positions him as an invaluable asset to Promise Land Realty, guiding the firm towards continued excellence in the dynamic real estate investment market.

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