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Buy&Hold (Section 8 Rentals): 21 Single Family Portfolio, Detroit, MI - SOLD

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Single Family Investment Opportunity



Exceptional Detroit Investment Opportunity: 21-Home Portfolio with Stable Returns

Presenting an exclusive off-market opportunity: a meticulously curated portfolio of 21 single-family homes, strategically located in the heart of Detroit, MI. This offering provides astute investors with a rare chance to acquire a diverse collection of properties, including 12 Section 8 units, each contributing to a robust income stream. With a proven track record of stability and growth potential, this portfolio is poised to elevate your real estate investment endeavors.

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Portfolio Highlights:

  • 21 Single-Family Homes in Detroit: A carefully assembled portfolio comprising 21 distinct single-family residences, all nestled within the vibrant neighborhoods of Detroit.

  • 12 Section 8 Properties: A significant portion of this portfolio consists of 12 Section 8 properties, showcasing consistent rental income, backed by government-sponsored assistance programs.

  • Demonstrated Income Generation: This portfolio boasts a history of reliable income streams, offering investors the security of consistent cash flow.

  • Occupied Investment: With 20 out of the 21 properties already occupied, this portfolio presents an immediate turnkey investment opportunity.

  • Diverse Detroit Locations: Spanning across sought-after neighborhoods, these homes offer a mix of urban convenience and local charm, appealing to a wide array of renters.

  • Turnkey Operation: All properties have been meticulously maintained, ensuring a seamless transition into ownership without the need for extensive renovations or repairs.

  • One Vacant Unit: With just one property currently vacant, there's untapped potential for value enhancement through securing a new tenant or making minimal updates.

Offer Details:

  • Asking Price: $1,100,000

  • No Seller Financing: This offering follows a traditional purchase structure, empowering investors to tailor financing to their preferences.

  • No Cherry Picking: The portfolio is being presented as a cohesive entity, underscoring fairness and efficiency throughout the transaction process.

Embrace this exclusive opportunity to acquire a turnkey investment portfolio within the dynamic city of Detroit. Whether you're a seasoned investor or embarking on your first venture, these 21 homes, including 12 Section 8 properties, offer the prospect of both immediate returns and future growth. Contact us today to receive comprehensive information, arrange a private tour, and embark on a journey to elevate your investment portfolio.

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Work: 864-762-2509

All Off Market Properties are sold 'As-Is'. Buyer must do their due diligence. Sold on warranty deed. We are selling our assignable interest. You do NOT HAVE PERMISSION to market this property WITHOUT EXPRESSED WRITTEN CONSENT. Proof of Funds is required with all offers. Earnest Money Deposit due within 48 hours of accepted offer. Closings are done quickly and with a title company/closing attorney. *Realtors add your fee on top*

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