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Buy&Hold (Vacant): 64 Single Family Home Portfolio, Detroit, MI - SOLD

Updated: Jan 20

Single Family Investment Opportunity



Exclusive Investor Opportunity: 64 Single Family Home Portfolio in Detroit, MI

Unlock the potential of an entire neighborhood with this remarkable off-market investment opportunity. Presenting a carefully curated portfolio of 64 single-family homes, situated in the heart of Detroit, MI – an area primed for growth and resurgence. This exclusive package is offered at an unbeatable price of $24,000 per door, totaling an exceptional value of $1,536,000. Please submit all offers directly to

Property Highlights:

  • Location: Strategically positioned throughout Detroit's promising neighborhoods, these properties offer a diverse investment canvas.

  • Value: Priced at an astounding $24,000 per door, this portfolio presents unparalleled potential for substantial returns on investment.

  • All-or-Nothing Deal: Take advantage of this unique opportunity to acquire the entire portfolio. No cherry-picking permitted – seize the entirety for maximum value.

  • Vacant Properties: With the exception of one property, all homes are vacant, allowing for immediate inspections, renovations, and repositioning.

  • As-Is Sale: Streamline the acquisition process with an as-is sale, giving investors the freedom to implement their vision without delay.

  • Investor Friendly: Tailored for investors seeking value-driven opportunities, this portfolio allows for customization and optimization in alignment with your investment strategy.

  • Potential Upside: Leverage the potential for increased property value, rental income, and capital appreciation within a market on the cusp of revitalization.

  • Delinquent Taxes and Utilities: Buyer is responsible for all closing costs, except for delinquent taxes, utilities, and other similar obligations.

Please Note:

  • Squatter Possibility: A few properties may currently have squatters. The portfolio price reflects this consideration, and prospective buyers are encouraged to evaluate their strategy for handling such situations.

  • Investor's Dream: This portfolio offers a unique prospect for investors to make a substantial impact on the community while achieving robust financial gains.

Why Detroit, MI? Detroit is undergoing a remarkable transformation, with urban development projects, economic diversification, and infrastructure improvements driving growth. The city's history of resilience, coupled with its attractive investment climate, positions it as a strategic location for savvy investors seeking promising returns.

This is a rare and limited-time opportunity to secure an entire 64-property portfolio at an unbeatable price, all poised to contribute to Detroit's resurgence and your investment success.

Serious investors are invited to inquire for additional details and secure a front-row seat in the revitalization story of Detroit. Contact us today to explore the potential of this exclusive investment portfolio.

Property Addresses



Work: 864-762-2509

All Off Market Properties are sold 'As-Is'. Buyer must do their due diligence. Sold on warranty deed. We are selling our assignable interest. You do NOT HAVE PERMISSION to market this property WITHOUT EXPRESSED WRITTEN CONSENT. Proof of Funds is required with all offers. Earnest Money Deposit due within 48 hours of accepted offer. Closings are done quickly and with a title company/closing attorney. *Realtors add your fee on top*

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